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About SageMathCell

Broken Code

SageMathCell now uses a Python 3 version of SageMath. Due to backward incompatibility with Python 2, certain constructs (e.g. print statement) that used to work give error messages now. For more details please consult with Python3-Switch wiki page. For suggestions for corrections and for submitting broken code go to SageCellDoctor spreadsheet.


SageMathCell project is an easy-to-use web interface to a free open-source mathematics software system SageMath.

It allows embedding Sage computations into any webpage: check out short instructions or comprehensive description of capabilities.

Resources for your computation are provided by SageMath, Inc.. You can easily set up your own server.

General Questions on Using Sage

There are a lot of resources available to help you use Sage. In particular, you may ask questions on sage-support discussion group or website.

Problems and Suggestions

If you experience any problems or have suggestions on improving this service (e.g., you want a package installed), please email Andrey Novoseltsev.

SageMathCell is expected to work with any modern browser and without any downtime.


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